A Good Neighbor

Last year I was home from work for a day and not feeling well at all.  My three year old daughter wanted to know if I would read to her.  After about 8 books I really just needed some time to rest.  So I hopped onto my video subscription website and went looking something for both of us to enjoy.  When I saw ‘Mister Rogers Neighborhood,’ in the list the choice was easy.  I laid there on the couch with my daughter and tuned into the very first episode Fred Rogers aired.  It was like a time machine taking me back to my own childhood.  My three year old LOVED it, and asked to watch a second one, which we did.

A few months later I found myself reading an article on Fred Rogers in the news. I found a book of some of his quotes.  I was again feeling inspired to be a better person because of this simple man and his quiet ministry.


These last few months have seemed turbulent.  We can make the world a better place.  We determine everyday through our actions what kind of a person we will become.  As I mentioned in an earlier post the most important step we can take is our next step.  Well neighbor, I hope we all choose to make our next step one of kindness.

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