Autumn Memories

Autumn- the time of year that lasts the shortest where I live these days.  One day you are charbroiling in summer and then the next you are trying to find your winter coat because it is 30 degrees!?!

I do love seeing the leaves change from their various shades of greens to reds, yellows, and oranges.  The splash of color on this desert landscape reminds me of the vibrant fall colors of Maryland when I was growing up.  I remember the hard work and the sweet taste of apple cider, as well as preparing fields for next years planting.  I remember sitting around a campfire with other farmhands and playing guitars and singing.  I remember walking through the woods and finally taking time to visit friends that summer work kept me from seeing as often as I wished I could.

I remember using some of the last of the summer produce to help at local homeless shelters.  I remember long walks from the bus stop with my mom, and long bike rides where my fingers would get cold as the temperatures started to drop.  (Where did I put my gloves last year?).  I remember 50 mile overnight hikes with fellow scouts and friends.  (Speaking of which– the four of us really need to do that again, and invite a few more people–but no snakes on the trail this time!)  I remember so many things of autumn that make me smile.

What memories do you have of autumn that make you reach back in your memory and smile?  Please share.


  1. Susan says:

    One of my favorite sights was always driving or riding my bike down Nealsville Church road with the canopy of trees that covered it. They were always so pretty!

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