Mountain Tops

This weekend I took a scout troop camping. I am reminded of countless other camp outs and scouting adventures. My favorite hikes, and camp outs have been in the mountains. There is something wonderful and enjoyable about hiking up above the noise of society and seeing the world from the mountain tops. These wild places have brought me such peace and joy.

There is a chance to see the stars more clearly. A chance to be closer to nature and to God. There is something inherently powerful as you look at the world from the heights of mountains. I can’t help but sing and feel the old hymns, ” Nearer My God to Thee,” and “In the Garden.”

Next time you feel a little lost– find a small wilderness, at least a hill, but if you can a mountain. Climb up get away from the noise and pray. See how potent the answer is when nothing else is clattering for your attention.

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