Patience-‘line upon line’

You know when I was a kid I remember going to the elementary school library.  I borrowed a book on drawing people.  The book started by having you draw a circle then add a few lines here or there.  But that circle didn’t look much like the end result a few pages later.  I didn’t want to ‘waste time’ drawing circles so I jumped right to the page with the finished picture. I did my best to draw that final picture with none of the construction lines or process.  I just jumped to the last page and gave it my all.  The end result– was a picture that looked pretty bad.  The proportions were all wrong.  The ears were next to the mouth and chin, and the legs were too long erc.  It didn’t look much like the final picture in the book.

It wasn’t the books fault, it was mine.  I chose not to tackle the project ‘line upon line.’  When we try to move too fast, when we skip the basics because we are not patient– eventually to paraphrase Isaiah, we realize we have fallen, we are broken, and we are caught up in the snare.  The trap of impatience led us to mistakes and a lot of wasted time.

On the other hand when we move slowly and with patience when we listen to those who have tread this path before, when we willing follow the best example, ‘line upon line,’ step by step we see successes.

Patience is a virtue we could all benefit from.  A virtue that could save us a lot of time snared in traps and replace it with a lot more joy.  Yet sometimes we all find ourselves skipping to the last page huh?

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