Reading My Side of the Mountain

I love reading to my children.  Recently I have been reading them the 1959 award winning book, “My Side of the Mountain,” by Jean Craighead George.  The children sit up late asking for one more chapter.  I remember the desire as a youth to run off and live in the woods, I even made a bow and arrows, and learned to hit my mark well enough to hunt.  I spent hours reading my Boy Scout handbooks and learning various ways to start fires and recognize plants and animals.  Like most children the idea of a falcon for a friend and fellow hunter was especially cool.

This book is one of those amazing stories that makes you want to get up and see more of the world, to try new things, and appreciate all we have.

I woke up this morning and saw my one year old daughter wake up and rush to the window to stare out at  the wonderful world outdoors.  She is never as happy inside as she is outside (neither am I).  We sure live in an amazing world- we should enjoy it.

I did a quick watercolor sketch of “Frightful,” the falcon in the story today.  Even if you have grown up, I recommend taking a read down memory lane.  Or reading this book for the first time.  It’s a great way to spend a day.

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