Small Things

Big things start as little things.  I have often been amazed at how a small kernel of corn can become an 8 foot tall corn stalk; how a tiny apple seed can become a huge apple tree.  So many great things begin as something small.

On the other hand any great thing, if neglected, can become a weakness.  Take for example a castle built up and defended by a great army, but overtime the army becomes lackadaisical.  They no longer clear trees from the castle walls, they no longer keep a constant watch.  They let their skills and weapons get rusty, and when the enemy comes it is too late, what was once their greatest strength has now become their greatest weakness.  It all began with small choices.
Our lives are built upon the small choices, words, and actions we use each day.
Imagine this– that we all decide never to use words or actions to demean another person.  Imagine how this relatively small thing could grow into something so much bigger.  It doesn’t mean we always agree but it that means that if we disagree we do so without demeaning or demonizing others.  How different would our world be if we all lived this one small thing?
If we choose to neglect this idea and choose to demean others, imagine the damage that could be done.  You don’t have to imagine; you could simply look around and see the damage done by yourself and others when we choose to demean anyone.
Changing the world for good or ill only takes small things.  Choose a small change–to never demean others and you will be so much happier in this world.

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