Farming from the Scriptures

When I was a younger guy I worked for Phillips Farm on Route 118 in Maryland.  My boss, Jean Phillips, was a wise and kind woman who taught me so much.  I remember clearly riding with her in the car to a field one day and I asked a question about how I could to be a better farmer.  Her response stuck with me and I have taken in very seriously.  She told me I could learn everything I really needed to know about farming by reading the Bible.  The Lord uses farming, gardening, vineyards, flocks and fields to teach us so many lessons.  (Although in all fairness there isn’t much in there on tractor repair.)

Are you a hireling or a shepherd?  Do you come at the first call to the vineyard or at the last hour?  Have you let a field lay fallow once in a while?

This last Monday night I was out tilling my gardens (yes, I have more than one…I know I have problems).  While tilling I remembered some of the lessons Mrs. Phillips taught me and lessons learned from scripture.  As I prepare to start planting, I find myself again reading scripture searching for knowledge from the Lord about getting a better harvest.  Try it and see what you learn!

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