Watercolor fun

I entered my local NPR station’s pledge drive mug art contest this year.  Doing just a loose watercolor sketch was a fun way to communicate their theme, celebrating 65 years on the air.

This came in my email today:

“The Votes Are In!
We’re proud to announce the winner of this year’s UPR Art Mug Contest is…

Stephen Bevan

Congratulations to Stephen and his awesome design!

Stephen writes of his submission: ‘Since so many of us enjoy UPR while driving, a loose watercolor sketch of the road and mountains seemed applicable. It has been 65 great years and there is still a long road ahead.  Thank you to everyone who contributes to make UPR possible.’

Stephen’s winning design will be printed on this year’s UPR Mug, which will be available to all of you as a thank you gift during our Spring 2018 Pledge Drive, March 22-29. So if you are one of the many people who loved this design get ready to show your support for it and for Utah Public Radio by donating during the Pledge Drive.”

Thanks to everyone who voted.

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